Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dream list: Kitchen

Our kitchen isn't just a place for preparing food, we eat together there, talk about our day, listen to the radio whilst we eat breakfast - it's a proper family room. These items are on my 'dream list' for my ideal kitchen.  First, this rustic wooden board.

An old wire cakestand

A pretty white Aga

An enamel bread bin and metal shade (this is one of my favourite light shades I've found, I love the detail)

Gorgeous pale grey bon bon tiles

Comfy seat pads

and a cute coffee maker.  Perfect :)


Nordic Bliss said...

Love all of these items, enamel, aga, that wooden board with the perfect rustic feeling. Why not start collecting the things you like now and start getting rid of the things that you don't really like but are practical or just taking up space? I've tried to start doing that. It also means that I can say "we need this" to my husband when I want to buy something new for the kitchen ;)

Kirsteen said...

Ha ha I like your thinking! You're absolutely right though, I am going to try to only buy things I love from now on :)

domestikated said...

What a gorgeous list! A huge yes to the blue and white enamel (classic! fabulous!), the wooden board and of course the aga.

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