Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Mamas: baby changing bags

Choosing and buying all the equipment for the arrival of Jamie and Alfie was so exciting.  It can get a little overwhelming (did I need a travel cot / what different types of sheets do we need for the moses basket etc), so I found the best way to get organised was to make a list of everything we needed, then start working through the list and finding what we liked either in the shops or online.  For changing bags, there are now so many gorgeous styles available.  The Storksak Sofia is absolutely beautiful (but pricey, at £250!), however, I'm certain it would be used long after your little one outgrows it.  The Maclaren Field bag is available here, and the cute spotty bag is from Cath Kidston.

For you Dads, there are some gorgeous bags too :-

The Storksak Jamie bag, (comes in a gorgeous dark brown, too) available here

and the OiOi Messenger bag, (I love this, so cool)

What are your recommendations?  Do you have a favourite baby bag you love?

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