Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bob and Blossom

I was just browsing for baby things, when I came across Bob and Blossom.  They have so many gorgeous things on their website.  These number tshirts are perfect. Doesn't their shop in London look pretty?  I'm lusting over the shelving, it would look fab in a children's bedroom filled with toys and books.

(Photos from Bob and Blossom)


Lindsey (urbanmums) said...

wow! i will have to visit this gorgeous store. i love their website.

and your invites are adorable - well done! i love the bunting in the corner and the twine... so pretty.

Kirsteen said...

Thanks Lindsey :)

I only wish I'd come across this shop before I went down to London, then I could have popped in! If you manage to visit you'll have to tell me if it's as good as it looks on the website!

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